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*メーリングリストでよく使われる表現 [#f0b79619]


**あいさつ [#c101f7f7]


>I look forward to hearing from you.


>Thanks in advance.

**質問 [#o9da0e34]
>Am I missing something?

>How can I submit this one?
>If there is any format for documents, please let me know.

>Is this a bug or a feature?

>Any thoughts on what is causing this?

**提案/要望 [#ab58facf]
>Feature request:

>What do you think about that?

> Is that okay?

**パッチ/バグレポート [#j80983cd]

To reproduce:<br>
1. xxx<br>
2. yyy<br>
3. zzz<br>

>Attached patch fixes this.

>This patch is against the Vim 6.3 sources.
>このパッチは Vim 6.3 ソースに対するものです。

>Fixing this isn't too hard, but is it a viable thing to do?
>Can I write a patch for this?

>I'm not sure that the patch is a good fix, but it works fine for me.

>xxx doesn't work as documented.
>xxx はドキュメント通りに動作しません。

>It is stuck in a infinite loop.
***受け取った方 [#ka844a4f]
>Thanks for reporting this problem.

***伝達 [#e3008901]
>The documents are available here : http://~
>ドキュメントはここにあります:  http://~

**その他 [#j0ba2b4e]
>That makes sense.

>I'm confused...

>my two cents

>Note: this is question to Bram and other users so don't hurry to make it real :)
>これは Bram や他のユーザに対する質問ですので、実装するのを急がないでください。

>I know, talk is cheap and maybe this is not worth the effort.

>There're a few items in the TODO list that are of interest to me
>TODO リストにいくつか私の興味をひくものがありました。

>I have looked into it.

>figure out

>I am not sure that ...

>I tried to ...

>I think a better solution would be using XXX.

>It seems for what I've understood of feature.h,

>I hope that this modification can be included in the next version.

>Shut up and code!

>One thing I've noticed is that ...

>Any feedbacks would be (greatly) appreciated.

>Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.

>I'm receipt of your check.

>Where to find beautiful PHP code to read?
>As a way to find inspiration and improve my PHP skills, I am looking for some beautiful PHP source code to read, preferably an open source "standard" web site rather than a more tool-like project such as phpMyAdmin.

*リンク [#z3ffc2e9]


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